Wiz' Import your trading partner of imports from China

Wiz' Import is an importer whose core business is based on sourcing, production of custom products exported from China, we produce every day for our customers as well promotional items, as custom objects, and can support the development of a new concept product and this course at the best cost.

With our presence in China and our network of factories, we work without agents, we offer products at the best price and with very fast delivery time. We require daily from our suppliers to respect every detail of the production process for your complete satisfaction on final delivery.

Our company is very involved upstream of the production thanks to our office in China, each production is subject to quality control & production inspection to ensure production perfectly meet your expectations. Our company is a French company, we can take care of all stages of manufacturing, order tracking, inspection of goods, freight, customs clearance and delivery into your warehouses.



Thanks to new technologies, finding suppliers in China through Internet has never been easier.

This simplicity is done at the expense of safety where import scams flourish on the global Internet.

The Chinese B2B websites (Alibaba, Made-In-China... etc.) made international purchases accessible to everyone, by allowing comparison of dozens of suppliers in a few clicks smoothly installed behind a computer.

Buying in China

How to buy

We provide you our expertise to help you purshase at the best price and ensure you on the conformity of the goods that you receive.

According to the best quotation we selected, you could make a comparative study and will see by yourself the extra margin you could achieve through collaboration with our buying office in China.

Try it, you have everything to win !

Quality control

Quality control

When you place an order of several thousand euros with a Chinese factory, don't you think that it is absolutely necessary for only a few hundred euros to check your production before it is shipped so as to have an idea of the number of defective products ?

The cost of the inspection is tiny compared with how much it may cost you to sort the goods in western country or worse... a return to China !

International transport

International Transport

From our experience in import for many years, we can offer you all kinds of transport services, whether for the collection of your packages at the factory, the shipment consolidation in our containers, storage, customs clearance to clear the goods out of China, transport by air or by sea or by express company (TNT, DHL, FEDEX, UPS... etc.) and customs clearance in France, and final delivery to your warehouse according to your terms.

Product development

Product development

Most buyers chose China, not only to make products at the best price but also to set up a partnership in order to materialize their ideas into concrete products.

Wiz' Import is a product development company settled in China, capable of designing and conveying your idea with details to manufacturers there. We materialize step by step the concept of your item until the final production in large quantities.

Our rates

Rates and prices

Let's be crystal clear, in business money is the sinews of war! The customers pursue still cheaper price or at best same price, without letting decide to keep a margin to lower the cost of supplies.

Yet, that is all the danger of China. The Chinese always want more new orders and new customers so as to enter new markets. They are sometimes accepting prices that can even be below their cost price...