Performing a quality control, a priority in China

When you place an order of several thousand euros with a Chinese factory, don't you think that it is absolutely necessary for only a few hundred euros to check your production before it is shipped so as to have an idea of the number of defective products ?

The cost of the inspection is tiny compared with how much it may cost you to sort the goods in western country or worse... a return to China !

Unfortunately, it is a frequently made mistake... the lure of profit and a more significant margin makes everyone always want to buy cheaper and sometimes end up with a product far from complying with what was validated !

By working with Wiz' Import, your goods will always be inspected and an inspection report and samples randomly taken in production will be given to you for each quality control.

Quality control

Quality control is absolutely essential

Releasing goods from China without performing a quality control is totally unthinkable, here is why :

  • Although we make sure to look for the best manufacturers in China, all possibilities are likely to appear. The manufacturing plant might decide to hire new workers or change its raw materials supplier, which may have an impact on the quality of your products. Even if you place same repeat order of same product to same factory for many years, a change can happen.
  • It is likely that items with major or minor defects are shipped.
  • Solving a quality problem in China would at worse lead to delivery delays, to take time out to sort or produce again, whereas sorting in your country will easily cost 10 times more expensive between labour and unpacking / repacking costs. And that with no mention of a return to China which will be very expensive in removal fees + customs duty / VAT to pay again to re-import the goods.
  • Preserving the company's reputation! The quality defects seriously affect the image of the company which markets the goods. A product which does not comply with quality standards will cause complaints among customers, which will be costly both in terms of finance and the company's reputation.

Beyond the control in factory, what can we do more?

The main goal of quality control is to check the visual and functional compliance of the ordered product.

It is also possible to push the inspection further by requiring laboratory tests to ensure compliance with the properties of your product, such as compliance standards to EU norms or safety tests.

The transmission of lab tests reports of your products is a quality guarantee that your customers will greatly appreciate to receive.

We are at your disposal for any estimate request on lab tests, we work with international laboratories recognized by the European Union (SGS, TUV... etc).

We select among different laboratories in China with whom we collaborate and we offer you the best price.

Some products such as toys are required to pass laboratory tests before importation so as to ensure CE compliance, such as the European standard for toys CE EN-71 for example.

In concrete terms, what is a quality control ?

The principle that we establish in the quality control is applied to a sampling according to the AQL method (Acceptable Quality Limit). In other words, we randomly select several cartons of your goods so as to check the quality.

We perform several checks to ensure compliance of your products in comparison with specifications.

  • Order quantity.
  • Packagings and cardboards of goods.
  • Dimensions and weight.
  • Labels, bar codes... etc.
  • Colours, finishing and other visual aspects.
  • Assembly.
  • Physical and functional compliance.

AQL control method

The AQL method responds to a mathematical formula, we usually take the 2 level inspection with the following acceptable levels :

  • Critical defect : 0
  • Minor defect : 4
  • Major defect : 2.5

For example for an order of 5000 t-shirts, we randomly inspect 200 T-shirts on which the result of AQL is :

The maximum number of acceptable critical defects is 0
The maximum number of acceptable minor defects is 14
The maximum number of acceptable major defects is 10

If the result of the inspection is beyond these limits, the result of the inspection is negative, the manufacturer is notified and in consultation with you, depending on cases, we decide what action to take for quality control. Either the supplier sorts its goods or he produces again.

When we charge for a factory inspection, the inspection is calculated according to the distance between from the manufacture factory and our office and is charged on the basis of person / workday.

For our example of 5000 T-shirts, we can control 200 pieces per day with a single inspector.

Don't hesitate to contact us to request a quote for a physical inspection / quality control in China of your productions.

Before production

When ?

Before the launch of mass production.

What is it about ?

Check with the manufacturer of the development of manufacturing processes, the allocated production lines, the plannings of production and the compliance of the received raw materials for assembly or manufacture of your product.

The head of production

When ?

As soon as the first finished parts are assembled and that we can see the product like it will be on delivery.

What is it about ?

The global constituents of the items, to make a comparison between the first produced copies and those subjected to check, the collaboration with the manufacturer, in order to verify the conformity of the heads of production to the specifications or conditions of the product. The quality control of the heads of production is the most important moment of manufacture, it ensures the conformity of a product and any corrections to be brought.

In production

When ?

In Production.

What is it about ?

The quality control in production ensures compliance with the product specifications (external appearance of the product, quality of manufactured items, packaging... etc.) and also the calculation of the quantities to define whether the produced output conforms to the production planning.

Before departure

When ?

When the production of goods is almost or completely finished.

What is it about ?

The quality control before departure checks the ordered quantities, the respects of packaging, the physical and functional compliance, the defect inspection according to the chosen AQL method.

Container shipment

When ?

Loading of cartons / pallets in container for shipment.

What is it about ?

Check quantity of cartons and goods boarded in the container. Also possibility to transmit you the photo of the container seal to ensure you if it was open or not during transportation from the factory to the final delivery.