Develop and produce your product in China

Most buyers chose China, not only to make products at the best price but also to set up a partnership in order to materialize their ideas into concrete products.

Wiz' Import is a product development company settled in China, capable of designing and conveying your idea with details to manufacturers there. We materialize step by step the concept of your item until the final production in large quantities.

Plastic injection, silkscreen printing, laser engraving, embroidery, sewing, printing works, assembly, welding, plexi cutting, wood, metal, plastic, glass, textile works, etc. Through our network of hundreds of factories with which we worked over the past years, we can help you find the right factory and the right contact to develop your project and turn it into a concrete product.

Product development

The different phases of product development

Phase 1: understanding of your enquiry.

From the idea to mass production, the preliminary phase of the product development is to achieve an accurate study of the concept of your item so that it can be made at the best price. Take advantage of the expertise of our industrial engineers to clarify your concept and develop a production strategy.

Of course, revealing your project could lead you to privacy breaches, of course Wiz' Import may at your request sign a confidentiality and exclusivity clause agreement before starting any project and try to talk about your project only to factories we trust and limit the number of interlocutors on your project.

Phase 2: Product design.

Throughout the stages of the product development, Wiz' Import is qualified to deliver product services using 2D or 3D modeling software according to your product whatever imaging softwares (Illustrator, Photoshop, Corel Draw…) or advanced 3D model creations softwares such as CAD.

Phase 3: Designing of the prototype.

Once the computer rendering of your product is validated, we move to the stage of completion of the first prototype to check the physical and functional compliance of your product as well as its design.

Phase 4: Preparation of the mold and the tools.

If the prototype is confirmed to respond satisfactorily to your expectations, we move to the pre-production stage.

Therefore, we must begin to think about optimizing the product manufacturing :
Where to find raw materials to achieve this product ?
How to develop the manufacturing molds to achieve mass production ?
How to arrange a production line from the various stages of your product manufacturing ?

Phase 5: Product manufacturing.

Once the design of the item is validated and the details of its production is determined, we go directly to the product manufacturing which is the latest stage of the product development.

From there, once all the process is validated, the project goes to the standard stages of our company :