Why working with our procurement team ?

We provide you our expertise to help you purshase at the best price and ensure you on the conformity of the goods that you receive.

According to the best quotation we selected, you could make a comparative study and will see by yourself the extra margin you could achieve through collaboration with our buying office in China.

Try it, you have everything to win !


How is it done ?

  • First, we provide you with similar or better quality items available in China at factory prices.
  • Our buying office in China allows you to access to the most interesting prices in production through our usual manufacturers to whom we order throughout the year and thus give us preferential rates.
  • Still based on the principle of saving money on purchase, you make significant economies of scale and benefit from our usual services such as quality control, delivery of your goods, import export approaches... etc).
  • We can spare you waste of time and energy concerning purchase in order to let you focus on your business and your customers, and to allow you to develop your business and your sales !

Securing the quality of purchases in China

It is not in our ethics to offer you our services and products at an attractive price and degrading the quality.

In the case our proposal does not fit into your target price or quality, you will receive an explanation from us so as to understand the reason why we cannot satisfy your request. In any case we will not offer you a product that you have not fully confirmed (in terms of quality or price) beforehand.

How does it work ?

Relying on our strong experience, you can leave your purchase process to us.

The preliminary steps before placing the order :

  • Check of the validity and the feasibility of listed products.
  • Costs update (exchange rates, raw material prices and inflation).
  • The location of the factory in order to estimate the costs of transport and the costs generated by the labour.
  • Production time.
  • Feasibility between your delivery imperatives and the production time + transportation...
  • The delivery costs, according your required incoterm.
  • Retro-planning at each stage of production.

If each step above is OK, the order can be confirmed by the procurement team and we step to the next stage which is the order checking.

Order checking

Our buying office teams use advanced IT tools to track and keep an eye on the orders at each stage of the production, which allows us a great reactivity and if a problem arises, it allows us to warn your as early as possible so that you don’t undergo the problem at last minute and can find another solution in advance.

An anticipated problem will always be more likely to find a solution than a last minute problem.

Our order tracking will provide you the data you need to follow the steps taken by our purshasing team and monitor your production in your language and according to clear standards.