Sourcing and search of suppliers in China

Thanks to new technologies, finding suppliers in China through Internet has never been easier.

This simplicity is done at the expense of safety where import scams flourish on the global Internet.

The Chinese B2B websites (Alibaba, Made-In-China... etc.) made international purchases accessible to everyone, by allowing comparison of dozens of suppliers in a few clicks smoothly installed behind a computer.

However, is this reliable enough ?

How to ensure the seriousness and honesty of the supplier you have selected ?

Wiz' Import is a local sourcing company in China, through which you will have a field view of the suppliers.

Thanks to Wiz' Import, you work directly with a sourcing company in China that secures your sourcing and purchasing.


How does Wiz' Import make your sourcing easier in China ?

  • Sourcing service is free (yes, some competitors sometimes charge this service...) .You can make a comparison between what you found and what we offer you. Then it is up to you to choose to work with us or not.
  • We speak in Chinese when we perform sourcing, while you only do it in English (and suppliers often use online translation dictionaries when they don't understand your meaning). This allows to obtain results that are often completely different.
  • Often, the best Chinese factories have no website or do not translate it into English, and above all will not participate onto B2B websites such as Alibaba as these ones require a commercial involvement (bilingual staff, 24h / 24h agents) that do not fit in their core business (production) and leave this work to agents who you meet on the famous B2B platforms.
  • In concrete terms, we are much more likely to find reliable suppliers. Honest and with extensive cultural knowledge, our office team in China can take care of the purchase of products. The Chinese culture is familiar to us; and the same is true of the economy, the legal world and the country's political situation.
  • Chinese nationals settling abroad can notice the impressive change in China in a short time, and from a province to another, one can see a big difference in terms of mentality and development in general.
  • By our Chinese location and our long sourcing experience in China, our effectiveness in checking the factories we find is clearly higher.
  • The web is not our only way to carry out sourcing. The fairs held in China are open to us thanks to the presence of our team in the country. Through these exhibitions and field meetings that we make, we daily expand our network and benefit from information and terrain advices due to our implantation in China.
  • Our supplies sources are suppliers who already worked with us. Given that we are a purchase office, we know hundreds of suppliers with whom we work for some of them since 2007.
  • You might operate as a professional in purchase or in sourcing. However, are you operational too and do you have knowledge concerning the production of your own items, in terms of process? The engineering is also part of our services. So, we can offer our help; collaboration between you and us is an insured efficiency.
  • A simple visit to a factory, after you found it, already means a significant amount of money. That is why we can help you by making a visit on your behalf in the factory and providing you a detailed activity report of the manufacturer.

What items do we try to find for you ?

Wiz' Import started its activity with the promotional objects: what concerns the manufacture of customized and/or promotional objects allowed us to know hundreds of suppliers in very different activity fields (electronics, textile, consumer goods, furniture... etc.)

We can intervene in the sourcing of customizable goods according your requests, and we can even help you with the design of the product.

What you exactly look for in terms of sourcing, we are able to get it for you. If your needs are more specific, in particular concerning plans of technical sourcing or industrial supplies, you can count on our support.

We remain at your disposal if you need to contact us.

What information should you provide to support your quote request ?

  • Nomenclature of the item.
  • Photos.
  • Technical properties (dimensions, materials).
  • Customization (logos, engraving, number of colour printing).
  • External aspects (packaging, packaging, symbol).
  • Estimated desired quantity.
  • Delivery Date.

Upon receipt of these items, we will select the best suppliers and will make you the best propositions in terms of value for money / delivery time by transmitting you a rate according to your request, whether FOB (Free on board) or delivered in France DDP (including customs clearance and delivery to your warehouse).