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What you should know about the RSS Feeds

What is RSS Feed ?

Rss is the abbreviation for Really Simple Syndication. It is a derivative of the XML standard which provides simple and hierarchical content. Many blogs and web sites offer the dissemination of their news in Flux Rss.

an Rss file is a text file with information in an organized manner. This file is updated every time that new information is added.

to read this file, an RSS Feed reader is required to view the news in an orderly fashion and intelligible.

A what it used an RSS Feed ?

technology Rss lets you receive on your computer in real time any news broadcast by a blog or a site using the format Rss.

the information from the site appears as a news wire (list of the titles of the news), by clicking on a title, the content of the press release appears (see image on the left). This information is on your computer, you can even read without be connected to the Internet.

How it works ?

in order to read an RSS Feed, naturally need you a reader of Feed Rss.

this drive is a simple application that allows one hand to display the information contained in a form intelligible and that, on the other hand, get régulièrment information of the Feed you have submitted. Whenever you see a logo Rss (orange button) or a link of type organize this Feed, click, a file is then displayed, copy the url of this file and add the to your drive by the command Add or create a stream.

there is to do simple 3 types of RSS Feed reader :

  • software: they simply settled as other applications.
  • integrated applications: they are part of software such as browsers.
  • Web interfaces : these applications are directly accessible via the Internet without any installation.
What are the benefits of the RSS Feed ?

Rss technology has benefits the predisposing favourably to other channels of communication:

  • the information is transmitted to the user (pull) and it is this last that so requests, the user remains anonymous and controls access to the information. Spam is therefore very limited or even absent.
  • the dissemination of information and its UPDATE are almost instantaneous.
  • simplicity and standardization of this technology makes it portable across all platforms (software readers, websites, blogs, Mac, Pc, phone, PDA, etc...)
Can I subscribe to multiple RSS Feed ?

of course, you can specify as many Rss Feeds as you want in your Rss reader, which then loads of aggregate information.