Our FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions

Do not hesitate to consult the FAQ from our site, these questions are the questions that are most commonly asked and save yourself of the waste of time to ask.

You can directly see our FAQ and find your answer ! If your question is not listed below, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or telephone to obtain your response, we strive to always respond to your questions as soon as possible !

Questions and answers in our FAQ

Who is Wiz' Import ?

Wiz' Import is a French company registered at RCS Paris B 492 337 449. Wiz' Import is an importer of various products: textile, electronics, and promotional items. Thanks to our office in China, we are in daily contact with factory and we produce items depending on the requirement of our customers.

What service can you provide ?

Our office that is very integrated in China can ensure all missions of outsourcing, whether it is the sourcing, the tracking the purchase order of your factories in China, the inspection, the transportation, customs clearance or even delivery in France.

Do you have an online sales site ?

If you are looking for a wholesaler online, Wiz' Import offers online shops for professionals for some kinds of products! Feel free to visit our shops on this link : http://www.wiz-import.net/other/sites.aspx

Do you have a store ? Can we come and buy in Paris ?

The products displayed on the site are not in stock. We make items specifically for the production of our customers and we only sell by mail order.

Can you produce custom-made ?

Yes, absolutely ! We are manufacturer of the products you find on the site. So bring us the maximum of details for your request so that we can get a quote for your custom product !

Reproduction of products from brand ?

The items that are shown on the site and the marks presented as examples are not the property of Wiz' Import. It is pointless to ask Coca-Cola flip-flops or parasols Heineken. Trademarks belong to the author or successors of those marks. Clearly, unless you worked for the Coca-Cola ® Company or that you are authorized to copy the product, we will never produce thongs Coca Cola. Our products are dedicated only for companies whose rights for use of image and trademark rights respected. We cannot violate any trademarks.

Confirmation of press proofs (approved samples ?)

When you place an order, we send you a sample photo by e-mail, either a sample by DHL according to your request.

Can I request a sample before ordering ?

Yes, we can send you a sample from China by DHL. However, don’t forget that the shipment of the samples shall be to your burden.

Do you use dropshipping ? Can you deliver the goods with a plain packaging ?

Yes we can deliver the goods to your customers without the name of Wiz' Import appearing nowhere on the packaging (you must mention this information during the ordering).

Can I buy below the minimum order ?

We are open to discussion... send a mail and if we can help you, we will !

Can you cooperate with individuals or companies not yet registered ?

We are open to discussion... send a mail and if we can help you, we will !

What is the minimum purchase quantity ?

The minimum quantities are listed on the sites. For online wholesalers http://www.wiz-import.net/other/sites.aspx the minimum order quantities is generally of €150 HT